One on one session

As a client of my holistic health program, you will…                               
  • Overcome food cravings and destructive eating habits
  • Learn to prepare simple, delicious healthy menus for your familiy
  • Explore prevention with basic lifestyle changes to reduce stress and age better
  • Learn how to balance your minerals & vitamins deficiency
  • Experience a remarkable increase in your energy and vitality
  • Achieve a healthy, lean body naturally, without deprivation and feel great in your body
  • Find the right type of exercise for you

My approach is holistic because, I will work with the whole of you. Working together, we will review all aspects of your life that either nourish or deplete you: your career, your physical activity, your spiritual practice and your relationships. Your cultural background, age and genetics will also be part of the equation.
I will teach you to listen to your body. I don't believe in quick fixes because they mask the body's natural inclination toward balance. As your Health Coach, my goal will be to help you reignite that powerful mind body connection and set your body intuitively on its path to true health. Instead of putting you on a diet, I will help guide you to foods that are supportive to your body type and lifestyle.
Your Private Health Coaching Program includes...
  • 60-minute session - (phone and skype counseling is available)
  • E-mail support and guidance after a session
  • Access to the latest health tips and recipes
  • Lifestyle changes and tips to implement right away

Health counseling session $140

"Change your lifestyle before your lifestyle changes you."

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